A closeup of coffee beans in a grinder.
Martha Stewart’s Trick For Perfectly Cleaning Your Coffee Grinder
By C.A. Pinkham
A coffee grinder is a must-have for coffee lovers, but they
are not the easiest kitchen appliance to clean because there are always edges and surfaces you can't reach.
Luckily, Martha Stewart has a trick for taking care of the grinder that doesn't involve any hands-on cleaning. All you have to do is add bread to your grinder and let it run.
This Martha Stewart hack will save you time and effort and
all you need to do is use soft, squishy white bread since it's more sponge-like, or stale bread.
The reason this hack works is twofold: first, the abrasion
of the bread on the blades cleans them — but the bread is soft enough that it won't damage or scratch them.
Second, the starch in bread has the effect of wicking up any oils and odors left over from either coffee or spices as the bread absorbs everything that's in there.
Cleaning your grinder every
two weeks with this hack will remove residual oils from coffee beans, guaranteeing great-tasting coffee to start your day.