A closeup of Martha Stewart smiling.
Martha Stewart's Amps Up Casseroles With A Simple Garlic Trick
By Kalea Martin
If you're craving bold flavors in your casserole, Martha Stewart suggests rubbing garlic all over the sides and bottom of the dish.
Stewart's technique leverages garlic's natural flavor-enhancing properties, adding depth to the flavor of the casserole without overly intensifying the garlic taste.
For this technique, you need to peel and smash your garlic, as rubbing a fully intact clove of garlic on your casserole dish won't affect its flavor.
A garlic's cell wall must be damaged to release its flavor-enhancing chemical compounds. All you need is half of a single clove of garlic rubbed against your dish.
You can use this technique with various casserole recipes, but garlic pairs particularly well with black pepper, thyme, oregano, ginger, and parsley.