A closeup of a spoon dipped in a cup of melted sugar.
Make Sure You Stir Melted Sugar With The Right Spoon
By Nick Johnson
Stirring melted sugar with a spoon can lead to crystallization, but if an errant bit of sticky syrup refuses to cooperate, you'll need the right spoon type to get the job done.
When melting sugar, a stainless steel spoon is the best way to keep it free of contaminants and clumps. A wooden spoon allows for better temperature regulation.
A wooden spoon doesn't acquiesce to the heat of the dish surrounding it, whereas a metal spoon will take on the temperature of a dish, which could lead to you getting burned.
Wooden spoons are harder to clean and more likely to carry contaminants. Any stray bit stuck to your spoon can cause crystallization when exposed to the melting sugar.
If you want a tool that balances the risk of sugar crystallization and the threat of bodily harm, a kitchen-safe and heat-resistant rubber spatula should do the trick.