A closeup of an Aldi signage.
Make Sure You Don't Pass Up This Aldi Frozen Pizza
By Stacie Adams
Aldi is revered for its take-and-bake pizzas, but the grocery chain's frozen pizza selection is equally lauded when it comes to quality.
Mama Cozzi's Original Thin 16-inch pizza is available for just $3.59 and features ample cheese and pepperoni, as well as a perfectly crispy crust.
Along with traditional crust options, Mama Cozzi's also offers cauliflower crust pizzas in three cheese and Margherita varieties, ensuring gluten-free customers have options.
Other options from the brand include French bread pizzas in supreme, pepperoni, and extra cheese, as well as rising crust pizzas in four cheese and three meat varieties.
Mama Cozzi's also includes a 3-meat stuffed crust pizza for people with a more substantial appetite. While this pizza is more expensive at $7.69, it's also 17.6 ounces larger.