The entrance of a Costco store.
Make Sure You Avoid Making This Costco Sample Mistake
By Erin Metz
Free samples are a beloved part of Costco's iconic brand but some Costco shoppers have a huge problem with free samples because of the lack of etiquette around the sample stands.
One mistake you want to avoid is grabbing a free sample before they know what is on the tray. There are a number
of reasons why this is a no-no.
After you have grabbed a sample, that food is yours to consume. It is not sanitary to touch a piece of food before realizing you don't want it and placing it back on the tray.
While you may have only handled it for a moment, cross-contamination is no joke, and employees will not be allowed to give that sample to anyone else.
This may not seem like much of a big deal due to the sample's small size, but when enough people make this mistake, that results
in quite a bit of food waste.
The best thing to remember in order to master free sample etiquette at Costco is that you are not the only one enjoying this perk — touch only what you plan to eat.