Preparing food on cutting board
Make Sure To Flip Wooden Cutting Boards After Every Use
By Missy Boylan
You can prolong the life of your wooden cutting board by being strategic about its wear and tear. Specifically, flip the board regularly so that both sides get even use.
Tanya Reazor of Fifth & Cherry says that her company's cutting board lacks feet, so that users will flip it, adding, "It'll last longer; it can be handed down and refinished."
When chefs use only one side, the cutting board is scratched and worn down twice as fast and may even sustain damage from improper washing.
Since water causes wood to swell, the cutting board will swell unevenly if only one side is consistently being washed, causing the board to rock as you try to use it.
However, you can prevent this by washing the entire cutting board every time, regardless of which side you have used.