A homemade blooming onion.
Make Restaurant-Worthy Blooming Onions With One Soaking Tip
By Greta Pano
When making a blooming onion at home, the main obstacle is getting the onion to bloom like a flower instead of a bud. Giving your onions a bath will solve this problem.
Soaking the onion in cold water after you cut it will help the petals separate naturally instead of trying to force them open, which runs the risk of pieces breaking off.
Before you soak your onions in water, peel their skin and cut them into a blooming onion shape while keeping the roots intact so they won't fall apart when fried.
After cutting the segments in the onion, you might be tempted to pull them apart, but instead, set the entire onion in a bowl of cold water for about an hour.
The cold water bath helps the petals separate, creating an eye-catching onion perfect for frying and sharing. You can even soak it overnight to reduce the potent flavor.