toast popping out of a traditional toaster
Make Cinnamon Toast In Your Air Fryer And Thank Us Later
By Ryan Loughlin
Cinnamon toast is a heavenly combination of warm, spiced, buttery goodness atop crisp slices of toasted bread. It's already a simple recipe, but an air fryer makes it even easier.
While purists may scoff at using anything but a toaster or traditional oven, the air fryer brings a microwave-esque simplicity and speed to the process with much
better results.
For traditional, toaster-style cinnamon toast, you would apply your cinnamon butter after it's toasted. However, with an air fryer, your bread is pre-buttered for more flavor.
An oven-made batch of cinnamon toast cooks in 10 minutes, while the air fryer version takes half the time to produce the same level of crispness and a caramelized exterior.
Start by mixing pre-softened butter with sugar, cinnamon, and vanilla extract. Spread it on sliced bread and pop it in the air fryer at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for five minutes.
You can further elevate this air-fried treat by using higher-quality cinnamon, Irish butter, different kinds of bread, and adding other flavorful ingredients, like dark chocolate.