spaghetti bolognese
J. Kenji Lopez-Alt Says One Ingredient Is Crucial For Perfect Bolognese
By Dawn Hammon
There is much debate about whether traditional Bolognese sauce should include dairy, and food consultant, columnist, author, and chef J. Kenji López-Alt believes it does.
As he outlines in Serious Eats, Bolognese wouldn't be the same without milk or cream because it enriches the flavor of the sauce and helps to emulsify the delectable dish.
After the slow-cooked ingredients reduce to a chunky mixture of meat and a bit of sauce, López-Alt says he finishes his Bolognese sauce with heavy cream, which is commonly used.
Most Bolognese recipes call for the addition of whole milk or heavy cream after simmering, including the recipe registered in 1982 by the Chamber of Commerce in Bologna, Italy.
The addition of milk or cream softens the tartness and acidity of the tomatoes, emulsifies the fats from the meat, and brings a subtle creaminess to the sauce for a velvety finish.