Close up of chocolate mousse with cream
It's Almost Too Easy To Whip
Up Dairy-Free Chocolate Mousse
By Matthew Wilson
For a dairy-free and vegan-friendly chocolate mousse, use boiling water to melt dark or vegan chocolate then whisk the mixture in an ice bath.
The ice bath will help achieve a light, whipped cream-like consistency. Then, refrigerate for a delightful dessert that stays fresh for two to three days.
To perfect the consistency, avoid high-speed whipping to develop the desired lightness. Whisking your mixture creates air bubbles, which create that lightness you need in a mousse.
Water won’t create air bubbles, so if over-whipped, reheat the water, pour a little bit more into the mix, and start whipping the mixture
in your ice bath again.
To achieve the desired thickness, gradually incorporate cornstarch into the mixture if
it is too runny; be cautious to avoid adding too much and making it overly thick.