Slice of carrot cake on a plate
Italian Vs American Carrot Cake: What's The Difference
By Cristine Struble
When people think of carrot cake in America, they might think of hints of the root vegetable in a confection dominated by warm spices, earthy nuts, creamy icing, and sweet fruits.
However, if you want a treat that ditches the overly sugary notes, look to the northern Italians, whose recipe celebrates the carrot in all its vibrancy.
A torta di carote, or carrot cake in Italian, combines carrots, flour, sugar, and eggs for a less-sweet, single-layer cake served with a simple glaze, powdered sugar, or mascarpone.
This subtle carrot flavor may not come through in an American carrot cake, as it's a dense, rich dessert with cream cheese icing and additions like pineapple, coconut, or nuts.
Italian carrot cake can also be enjoyed as a dessert, an anytime treat, or even a breakfast treat. When served with coffee, the slight bitterness is a lovely contrast to the cake.