A peanut butter dip surrounded by apple slices.
It Only Takes A Few Ingredients To Make A Versatile Peanut Butter Dip
By Kuamel Stewart
For a thick, nutty, tangy, sweet, and flavorful peanut butter dip, simply whisk together your preferred type of peanut butter with Greek yogurt and your favorite sweetener.
If you'd like your peanut butter to taste less nutty and more sweet and salty, use reduced-fat peanut butter since it has fewer peanuts and contains more sugar and salt.
You can also have fun with the sweeteners you use, from different types of honey, maple syrup, or various agave sweeteners for a more subtle sweet flavor.
Whatever choice you make, the result will be a creamy and delicious dip that will make snacks, fruits, veggies, and drinks irresistibly satisfying.