Crumbling chocolate chip cookie in falling in mid-air
Instant Pudding Mix Belongs In Your Cookies Too, According To TikTok
By Kelly Douglas
TikTok has come up with plenty out-of-the-box ways to change up your favorite cookie recipes, from “boneless” chocolate chip cookies without the chocolate chips, to cookies you can make in your waffle iron. Now, TikTok is encouraging home bakers to add instant pudding mix to their cookie dough to create the softest and moistest cookies possible.
According to TikTok user @smackbae and other proponents of instant pudding magic, the unexpected ingredient heightens the contrast between the soft interior and slightly crunchy exterior of your cookies. In other words, it affects the texture more than the flavor, but you could always opt for a more detectable flavor like chocolate or pistachio to taste the pudding.
Instant pudding thickens when combined with wet ingredients, so it transforms from a powder to a thick, gooey treat when blended with the eggs in the cookie dough. Whether you use a boxed cookie mix or make your dough from scratch, add one packet of pudding mix before blending all the ingredients.