Ina Garten smiling in a kitchen.
Ina Garten's Default Dishes For Easy Dinner Party Elegance
By Jessica Fleming-Montoya
In an interview with Today, celebrity cook Ina Garten shared a few of her favorite go-to dishes to create a menu that looks and tastes great for a dinner party.
The main dish is boneless chicken breast with goat cheese and basil under the skin. She pairs it with decadent fettuccini with white truffle butter alongside roasted carrots.
To give the chicken extra flavor and tenderness, brine it in saltwater. Brining it in saltwater ensures the basil and goat cheese won’t be overwhelmed.
If you want the fettuccine to have a stronger flavor, you can replace the subtle taste of the white truffle butter with black truffle butter instead.
For the carrots, you can incorporate other spices and herbs or play up the flavors Garten mentioned and make cinnamon-roasted carrots.
You could also give the carrots a lemony zing and make citrus-glazed roasted carrots. Regardless of your choice, this menu will leave a lasting impression on your guests.