Set of  different used and new kitchen knives isolated on white
Ina Garten's Clever Trick For Keeping Your Knives As Sharp As Possible
By Carolyn Jenkins
If you use a butcher's block to store knives, the wood may dull the edges of the blades. Ina Garten recommends flipping them so the blades face up to keep them sharp.
This leaves space between the blade's edge and the wooden block so they don't scrape against each other. Though it's a small step, this ensures the longevity of your cutlery set.
Keeping your cherished knives away from any surface that can dull them is just one part of the equation. Cutting boards made of marble or glass speed up the dulling process.
It's also essential to sharpen your knives regularly and invest in proper equipment, such as a honing rod or a stone whetstone, to sharpen your blades effectively.
A well-maintained knife requires less effort when cutting because you don't need to use as much force. This is much safer than using a dull knife, which could be very dangerous.