Ina Garten at a public event.
Ina Garten's Chicken Chili Features An Unexpected Secret Ingredient
By Carolyn Jenkins
Celebrity chef Ina Garten is not a fan of cilantro, which is why she replaces the herb with the zestiness of basil when making her recipe for chicken chili.
While prepping the recipe
on her show, “The Barefoot Contessa,” Garten said, “I personally hate cilantro, so I'm going to put basil in instead. It gives a great flavor.”
Ina Garten's choice to add basil to the mix isn't entirely out of left field. While it may not be as common in Mexican dishes as cilantro, it has earned its seat at the table.
One of its most notable appearances is as a common ingredient in salsa. It’s also been known to be an agreeable addition to enchiladas and burritos.
Basil is also a great addition to meals that have a soup-like consistency, making it the perfect addition to Ina Garten’s chicken chili dish.