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Ina Garten Enjoys Her Toast In The Bougiest Way Possible
By Meaghan Cameron
It's no secret that Ina Garten, aka the Barefoot Contessa, loves the finer things in life, but she also loves simple foods. One of her favorite morning meals is toast with butter.
Her favorite morning spread is a French-crafted butter from a renowned cheesemaker called Rodolphe Le Meunier Beurre de Baratte, combined with a sprinkle of shaved sea salt.
Even though her breakfast consists of basic toast, this special butter imported from France elevates the experience and likely brings back memories of her favorite Parisian café.
Beurre de Baratte is a traditional style of making butter that involves churning milk from cows from Normandy by hand in a special wooden churn.
This slightly fermented, cultured butter has a tangy (versus strictly) creamy flavor for a fat-heavy, decadent result. It is then shaped by hand and embossed with a cute 3-D cow.
This butter is available online and in specialty shops. It typically sells for around $15 for 250 grams, which is approximately half a pound or two sticks of butter.