server checking on his table
How To Subtly Signal To Your Server You're Finished Eating
By Stacie Adams
To respectfully let your server know that you're done eating, simply place your knife and fork centered on top of your empty plate so that they are aligned vertically.
However, there is one caveat. In high-end establishments, servers may only clear your plate when given the proper sign if all other guests have finished their course.
Waitstaff must constantly be on their toes, and politeness and decorum are essential, especially in countries like the U.S. where servers rely on gratuities to earn a living.
You can also arrange the knife and fork in an upside-down V on the plate. Interlock them to convey that you’re dissatisfied, and keep them separate if you’re taking a break.
If you're pleased with the food and want to praise the restaurant, align the knife and fork horizontally on the plate so that the tips of the utensils are pointing to the right.