The chef beats a piece of meat with a metal hammer. Cooking entrecote or steak. The cook in the kitchen in the restaurant. Close up.
How To Flatten Meat Without A Mallet, According To Ree Drummond
By Heidi Chaya
Also known as a meat tenderizer, a meat mallet is a culinary hammer with flat and toothy sides used to flatten your meat before cooking. While it's helpful for food prep, it consumes essential real estate in the kitchen, and "The Pioneer Woman" Ree Drummond offers other ways to tenderize meat without using this ungainly instrument.
Drummond told Delish in an interview that she'll "use anything as a mallet," including her cast iron skillet, a rolling pin, or even heavy cans. Some of the recipes on her website also recommend using the heel of your hand.
To flatten your meat, start by placing it between two sheets of wax paper or plastic wrap — this is a non-slip, mess-proof surface for the pounding. Regardless of how you smash, don't do it on a delicate countertop or a cutting board that could split on you, and avoid pounding near kitchen hazards, like lit stoves and knives.