The entrance facade of Costco Wholesale storefront.
How To Do Your Financial Homework Before Buying Food At Costco
By Brianna Corley
Costco can save you money, but to truly take advantage of Costco's deals, you have to do your homework to ensure you’re getting the most bang for your buck. It’s a good idea to have another regular shopping spot outside of the bulk retailer, and to start price checking, or researching the cost of the same products at different stores to find the best deal.
Comparing the per unit prices of items at the bulk retailer against those in a standard grocery store shows that shopping at Costco could save you up to 33% on your grocery bill. However, certain products are more expensive at the wholesaler, such as some of Costco’s fresh fruits, which could cost up to a dollar more than at the regular market.
Apps like Price Grabber and can be used to check the prices of the same products at different stores online, but that won't work for Costco, as it doesn't list the prices of the items in its warehouses online. Instead, try taking photos or writing down both your local grocery store and Costco's per unit food costs to gauge where the best-priced goods are.