Freezer with open door and frozen food
How To 'Cook' Food With Your Freezer
By Chase Shustack
Techniques like "freeze-roasting” use the freezer to freeze your produce or meats to get certain textures or flavors that you wouldn't be able to achieve simply by roasting them.
The freezer can’t actually cook food, but it can change it. For example, pears that are frozen and then thawed take on a soft texture and sweet flavor as if they had been poached.
When frozen and then thawed out, clams and shellfish become easier to open and are tenderized by the freezing process, while thawed sweet potatoes will have a fluffier texture.
However, foods with high moisture, like fresh greens, citrus, or watermelons, shouldn’t be frozen since it can affect the water content and drastically alter the texture.
Foods that can be frozen include bacon, eggs, bananas, avocados, cheese, and chocolate, as these have relatively lower moisture compared to lettuce, celery, or melons.