Ripe oranges with halves and slices with orange tree leaves randomly fall or levitate on a white background. Juicy background for your project. Clipping path.
How To Choose The Ripest, Juiciest Oranges From The Store
By Chase Shustack
Giving an orange a gentle but firm squeeze may be the key to seeing how fresh it is. If the orange feels soft and squishy, it is overripe or too mature.
If the orange feels pretty firm, you can assume it's fresh. A good orange has some resistance to it when you squeeze it and won't collapse under slight pressure.
The weight of an orange also ensures its juiciness. If you pick up an orange that feels lightweight, this may be a sign that it's either unripe or spoiled.
A heavy orange with a bit of "heft" is filled with juices and ripe flesh, as opposed to a lighter orange's dry or mushy interior.
Another important sign of a spoiled orange is its scent. If your orange has a light, citrusy smell that you would expect from an orange, it's probably still good.
Search for the most fragrant oranges that give off a pleasing aroma if you scratch them with your finger.