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How Ree Drummond Uses Her Waffle Iron For Extra Crispy Pizzas
By Heidi Chaya
We all know that crock pots and air fryers are extremely versatile, but you might underestimate what your waffle iron is capable of. This useful gadget is good for a whole lot more than waffles, and for The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond, it’s the perfect tool to cook extra crispy pizza in minutes.
Drummond first preheats the waffle maker to its high setting. She then coats the waffle maker's inside surfaces with nonstick olive oil spray and adds pizza or bread dough — premade and thawed from frozen are just fine.
In the waffle maker's jaws, the dough browns in about three minutes, after which Drummond adds sauce and toppings, including cheese. She then closes the lid for another minute or so before revealing a gloriously crispy waffle pizza.