bowl of collard greens with bacon
How Long Should You Steam Collard Greens To Achieve The Right Texture?
By Branden C. Potter
Collard greens, a soul food staple, boast a robust texture and flavor thanks to the inclusion of ham hocks or bacon and dark, green leaves topped with apple cider vinegar.
Depending on your desired texture, the steaming process may span five to 45 minutes or even hours for a texture that complements the rest of the meal.
If you want soft, buttery collard greens, steam them for up to two hours. If you want more of a pliable and tender texture, steam the leaves for closer to 45 minutes.
For chewier collard greens with maximum nutrient retention, steam them for five minutes. It all depends on the toughness of the leaves and how much bitterness you want to remove.