Mimosas ans bellinis champagne prosecco cocktails
Photo taken in studio light indoors of a variation of drinks and cocktails
How Is A Bellini Different From
A Mimosa?
By Nick Johnson
There’s nothing like a delicious and well rounded brunch to kick off your wide open weekend afternoon, especially if it’s topped off by a sweet mimosa or bellini by your side. These drinks have been prominently featured alongside brunch spreads for decades, and though they are pretty similar, there is a key difference between them.
Born during a time when bars began to carry orange juice more often, the mimosa features OJ, while a peach bellini is topped off with peach purée — an ode to the plentiful amount of peaches that surrounded its birth city, Venice. Of course, each drink has a base of champagne or sparkling white wine.
While the original bellini was a simple mixture of prosecco and peach purée, the modern edition is a bit more labor intensive — calling for peeled white peach slices, water, granulated sugar, and lemon juice. Mimosas, on the other hand, are quite easy, as they only require your preferred ratio of orange juice and wine.