Barbecue fried lamb meat chops on a marble board. Black background. Top view.
How Costco Lamb Rack Takes The Effort Out Of Elegance
By Ashley Reut
As a classic and delicious preparation, frenched lamb involves shaving down a bit of meat and fat so that the bones stick out on end, giving an elegant appearance. Many butcher shops and grocery stores don’t prepare their lamb this way unless you specifically ask, except for one retail giant.
Costco offers the lamb already frenched, which not only saves you the hassle of doing the process yourself, but it saves you money by paying for the weight of the meat and fat that a butcher would be cutting off. Once you have your meat cut in this fashion, it's super easy to season however you like and grill or roast to perfection.
Herbaceous blends like rosemary and thyme or herbs de Provence pair wonderfully with this slightly gamy meat, and you can take the whole rack, give it a quick sear in a hot cast iron pan for a bit of a crisp, then roast it in the oven at 450˚ F for about 10 minutes. Once cooked, you can slice little individual chops from it and serve.