rusted cast iron skillet
How A Coffee Filter Can Prevent Cast Iron From Rusting
By Kuamel Stewart
Your cast iron pan can develop rust from lingering moisture, but you can prevent this by laying a coffee filter inside your skillet after washing and drying it thoroughly.
Although heating your skillet on your stovetop over low heat dries any dampness, you still need to protect the pan from moisture that can build up while it's stored in your pantry.
Line your cast iron skillet with a coffee filter to capture any moisture and humidity in your cabinet that can cause rust and to prevent scratches from other pans.
Coffee filters are made of cellulose fiber, an organic, plant-derived material that’s highly absorbent. It’s strengthened with a chemical application for sturdiness and absorbency.
The cellulose is then shaped into a sheet, dried, and fashioned into a particular shape and size — the most typical being cone-shaped filters with an entwined texture.