Cooking Hot Dogs in Boiling Water
Here's Why You Should Never Bother Boiling (Or Parboiling) Hot Dogs
By Angel Albring
Although hot dogs are pre-cooked it is recommended that you cook them thoroughly before eating. However, out of all the hot dog cooking methods you’ll want to avoid boiling because it's the one method that will ruin your franks.
Boiling takes all of the flavor out of the meat and will not give your dogs a crispy exterior. If you’re looking for the best textured hot dog with the most flavor you should poach them before grilling instead.
Heat water to a simmer in a saucepan, remove from heat, place the hot dogs in the water, and let them sit, covered for a minute or two. After poaching, throw them on the grill. If you want the crispiest skin bathe them in a beer wash or marinade before grilling.