Seasoned asparagus stalks on a baking tray.
Here's Why You Should Be Roasting Asparagus In Your Toaster Oven
By Tom Maxwell
The role of a toaster oven in many kitchens is making toast, but they are also perfectly able to handle the job of roasting asparagus.
They can roast up to two servings of asparagus, which is perfect as a side dish for an intimate date night. It will also free up your oven for the main course.
At their most compact, toaster ovens are as little as 17 inches wide with around a ⅓ cubic-foot interior but can still hold about ½ pound of trimmed asparagus in an even layer.
While the asparagus roasting time will be the same, using the smaller appliance doesn't need nearly the same amount of time to preheat and requires less cleanup.
All you need is a little bit of fat (preferably a good olive oil) and a sprinkle of salt and pepper. Place the stalks on your tray, and let the toaster do the rest.