A closeup of a Costco Wholesale signage.
Here's What To Know About Costco's Kirkland Irish Country Cream
By Stacie Adams
For those who think that a bottle of Baileys Irish Cream is a bit too pricey, head over to Costco to get your hands on Kirkland Irish Country Cream.
Kirkland Irish Country Cream costs just $12 per bottle, whereas a bottle of Baileys costs $40. It will save you a lot of money, but there are differences between the two products.
Costco fans on Reddit pointed out that the key difference is that Costco's version is “wine-based,” while Baileys uses whiskey.
This claim is further supported by the label, as Kirkland Irish Country Cream is described as a wine cocktail, while Baileys Irish Cream is a liqueur.
There’s also a difference in potency, as Bailey’s has an alcohol content of 17%, while Kirkland Irish Country Cream has 13.9% alcohol.