Homemade Double Chocolate Brownies Isolated on a White Background
Here's What Happens When You Add Soy Sauce To Brownie Batter
By Rachael Grow
Depending on what brownie recipe you're using and your flair for experimentation, you can create some magic in the kitchen, but even the most adventurous might not know that soy sauce adds a complex richness to brownies. The idea comes from chef Hetty McKinnon, who goes into detail about her umami-infused dessert in her 2020 cookbook, "To Asia, With Love."
You might worry that your soy sauce brownies will emerge from the oven tasting of last night's stir fry, but the soy doesn't overpower the flavor. "Instead, the chocolate just tastes somehow more chocolate-y, with a deeper caramelized note and just a hint of salt," according to Food Gal, who tried the recipe and said it might be their new "go-to."
If you are hesitant, mix in just a tablespoon of soy sauce, but the difference is so subtle that you can go as far as several spoonfuls into your batter, as the experimental cooking channel Flavor Lab did in one YouTube video. The result is brownies that chef Chris Kimura says have a "fuller, richer flavor" and a complexity that will have your guests asking, "Can I have the recipe?"