Colored gummy worms in a bowl.
Gummy Worms Are A Way More Recent Invention Than We Thought
By Crystal Antonace
Although jelly beans and gummy bears have been around for quite some time, gummy worms were only introduced in the early 1980s as Gummi Squiggles by the European Trolli brand.
By the 1960s and 1970s, companies like Haribo were releasing gummy candies in fun shapes. Worms appealed to American candy lovers’ desire to try bizarre, fruity treats.
The nation’s adoration for oddly shaped gummies has only increased, and Trolli’s marketing campaign in recent years has continued capitalizing on America’s love for the bizarre.
While Trolli was the first company to trademark the gummy worm by mixing two fruity flavors into one piece of candy, they now have more than 20 chewy candies available in the U.S.