An overhead view of a gateau invisible cake.
Gâteau Invisible Cake Is Culinary Magic With Each Slice
By Harriette Halepis
Gâteau invisible aux pommes — also called invisible apple cake — is a traditional French cake baked in a loaf pan that tastes unlike any other apple cake or pie you've eaten.
In contrast to apple desserts that feature a variety of textures, the fruit in this cake seems to melt entirely away during baking, though a distinct apple flavor remains.
Making this famous dessert is not difficult, although it's crucial to slice the apples extremely thinly to achieve the desired effect. A mandolin is a great tool for fine slicing.
The delicate apple slices turn "invisible" because they take on a smooth texture, almost like custard, once covered in cake batter.
It's best to use sweet and crisp apples like Honeycrisp, Fuji, and Pink Lady when baking this cake because the natural sugars will help give the cake flavor.
You can arrange the thin strips of apples in various ways, and using a loaf pan is optimal. Once baked, you'll marvel at the cake's ability to be sliced without crumbling.