LONDON, ENGLAND - MARCH 23:  Gordon Ramsey is seen leaving BBC Radio 2 on March 23, 2022 in London, England. (Photo by Neil Mockford/GC Images)
Gordon Ramsay's Unique Yet Genius Tip For Gooey Cheeseburgers
By Chase Shustack
The cheeseburger is quintessentially American, and as popular as it is, there are always ways to improve your cheeseburger. Fortunately, Gordon Ramsay has a unique, but very simple, trick to ensure that you really put the cheese back in a cheeseburger and end up with deliciously gooey results.
Ramsay recommends a cheese skirt, which he makes by melting a slice of cheese on a non-stick pan until it melts into a gooey yet firm patty, outlined with golden crispy edges. Ramsay then takes the bottom (but you can use the top) bun and "mops up" the cheese by pressing the bun down onto it to get it to stick.
This “cheese skirt” method not only ensures that your cheese is already melted by the time you put it on your burger, but also gives a bit of extra texture to an otherwise soft and squishy cheeseburger. Other chefs and restaurants even have their own methods for preparing this crispy, melty version of the average cheese slice.