Three hot dogs in buns with various toppings on a light pink background
Give Grilled Hot Dogs A Quick Bath For The Crispiest Results
By Angel Albring
Cooking hot dogs at home makes it easy to dress them up, keep them simple, pair them with a variety of ingredients, and truly make them your own. Hot dogs can be grilled, roasted, boiled, baked, or microwaved, but no matter how you cook them, you should give them a quick bath in this liquid to get truly crispy skin.
The best way to get crispy skin on the outside of your grilled hot dog is to "bathe" the meat in a beer bath. Put an aluminum pan filled with hot beer, onions, and your favorite seasonings onto indirect heat, then place your hot dogs in it before grilling to warm them up and add firmness to the hot dogs' casing so you get a crispier texture.
If you are serving hot dogs to a crowd that includes kids and non-drinkers, you don't have to worry about the beer marinade, as they don't soak in it long enough to absorb the alcohol and any alcohol that lingers on the casing will be burned off while cooking. You can use any marinade to get the outside of the hot dog coated in a liquid that will create crispy skin once cooked.