A closeup of a pot of chili.
Give Chili A Major Flavor Boost With One Lively Ingredient
By Grace Allison
Many ingredients can help elevate a chili recipe to new heights, but one ingredient that needs particular praise and examination is the addition of coffee.
Whether brewed or instant, coffee can elevate the flavors in chili, subtly complementing the bold taste of tomatoes, the moreish flavor of ground meat, and the warmth from spices.
However, the coffee flavor should not overpower the other flavors in your chili, so it's best to start experimenting with the less-is-more approach.
Adding coffee is not just the ideal flavor booster for spices but can also work to tenderize the meat. It will invigorate the beef’s flavor, making it succulent and meaty.
For the best results, use brewed coffee instead of instant coffee because it has subtle flavor profiles that will complement the savory and sweet notes in chili.