venti Starbucks frappuccino
Get A Stronger Starbucks Latte For Less With A Simple Ordering Hack
By Stacie Adams
Starbucks can quickly become expensive, but there's a way to pay less for an iced vanilla latte while still getting that extra shot of espresso when ordering through the app.
In the app, select the grande iced shaken espresso (which contains three shots), head to the customization menu, and de-select the classic syrup to add vanilla syrup instead.
Your beverage will now contain three espresso shots plus vanilla syrup for $.50 less than adding an extra shot to an iced vanilla latte (though prices vary according to location).
You can also select a variety of flavored syrups using this money-saving hack, including caramel, hazelnut, and sugar cookie, and it's unlikely to raise the ire of your barista.
For a lighter roast with hints of fruit and flowers, you can substitute the espresso for the blonde roast in the grande iced shaken espresso for the same price.