celebrity chef Geoffrey Zakarian
Geoffrey Zakarian's Flavor-Packed Secret Ingredient For Crab Cakes
By Julia Mullaney
Geoffrey Zakarian, a celebrity chef known for shows like "Chopped" and "Top Chef," knows a thing or two about crab cakes and adds a surprising ingredient to his recipe: sriracha.
In addition to a few base ingredients, this spicy condiment adds just enough flavor to the crab cakes without overpowering them, but the trick is to only add a small amount.
Sriracha is made primarily with chile peppers, sugar, and vinegar, which gives it heat with a hint of sweetness, and Zakarian says it's a must-have in any crab cake recipe.
"I use sriracha in my crab cakes," Zakarian told InsideHook. "I think good crab cakes are packed with a little kick, and I've found that sriracha holds its own against Old Bay."
Old Bay is a common ingredient in crab cakes and consists of spices similar to sriracha, including paprika, cayenne pepper, and black pepper.
Zakarian also added that crab cake recipes aren't necessarily one size fits all. He also pairs his crab cakes with homemade aioli made from egg yolk, piquillo peppers, and mustard.