Chef and TV personality Giada De Laurentiis.
Fried Pizza Is About To Take Over Pizza Night, Thanks To Giada De Laurentiis
By Kelly Douglas
Giada De Laurentiis has taken a popular dish and raised the stakes by frying it, which is a fresh twist for those days when constantly making popular meals the same way is getting a little old. Once you try it the way De Laurentiis suggests, you may never want this meal any other way.
Fried pizza, which De Laurentiis shared on TikTok (via @angdrpalma's recipe), is well on its way to becoming a hit, with comments buzzing from people who want to try this creative spin. It starts with rounding the pizza dough into several small portions, frying it in a pan with a bit of olive oil until golden brown, and covering it in a couple of rounds of fresh mozzarella cheese.
Top the cheese with a hearty spoonful of sauce (covering the entire pizza) before sprinkling De Laurentiis' favorite cheese, Pecorino Romano, over the sauce. Let the cheese melt into the warm sauce to amp up the flavor for a mouthwatering bite when you cut into the pizza.