A corn on a cob being cut on a cutting board.
For Truly Delectable Mexican Sweet Corn Cake, The Frozen Stuff Just Won't Do
By Harriette Halepis
Mexican sweet corn cake has bites of corn kernels and sweetened condensed milk, which gives it a caramel-like texture with a hint of sweetness and savory goodness.
However, fresh corn is a must when making Mexican sweet corn cake. The problem with frozen corn is the extra water that occurs due to freezing.
When you add water to a cake, the result is a chewy texture, which is not what you want to achieve when making Mexican sweet corn cake.
If you don't have fresh corn, a drained can of corn can create a similar result. Just make sure it has no additives, and dry the corn kernels thoroughly.
The crumb of this cake should be light and airy and feel a bit like cornbread but also have a moistness that's unusual with most other cake recipes.