Vegan chocolate cake with wild berries
For The Perfect Flourless Chocolate Cake, Moisture Is Key
By Arianna Endicott
Flourless chocolate cake is a perennially popular gluten-free dessert that takes on a dense, fudgy texture, but it can easily become too dry once it's finished baking.
It could become dry from the lack of gluten or simply baking the cake for too long. For a moist and fudgy flourless chocolate cake, introduce some steam into the oven.
Prepare your cake batter and preheat your oven to the temperature in the recipe. Then, pour 1 or 2 inches of boiling water into a metal (not glass) roasting pan or baking dish.
Open the oven door, and place the pan of boiling water on the bottom rack. Place your cake pan on the rack above the water, and quickly close the oven door.
It's important to keep the steam trapped inside the oven while the cake bakes. Avoid opening the oven door so you don't let out any heat or steam until the cake is completely done.
Be careful not to overbake the cake — leave it in the oven just until the edges are set. Even with the added moisture from the steam, overbaking the cake could dry it out.