An open-faced tuna melt sandwich
For The Best Open-Faced Tuna Melt, You Absolutely Need Thicker Bread
By Betsy Parks
Creamy tuna salad on crispy toasted bread topped with melted cheese is delicious, and while there are many ways to make an open-faced tuna melt, make sure you use thick bread.
For an open-faced sandwich, that single slice of bread is going to do a little heavy lifting. It's all about having the proper proportions of bread to the tuna and cheese filling.
When you use a single piece of bread as the base, you're not eliminating the ingredients inside, so your slice should be about 1 inch thick to make up for the lost layer.
The bread needs to be hefty to hold up a heap of tuna salad, and toasting it can give your melt more structure. Try different kinds of bread to find your favorite.