Close up of chocolate mousse with cream on marble surface
For The Best Chocolate Mousse, Patience Is The Key To Success
By S. Ferrari
Making chocolate mousse isn't as intimidating as it appears, and you most likely already have the essential ingredients in your pantry, like eggs and heavy cream.
The most important element in perfecting your at-home mousse is patience. First, the meringue needs time to develop, so this slow, lengthy process requires patience.
To develop a light, airy meringue, you must mix it at a lower mixing speed, giving the proteins in the egg whites an opportunity to stretch the air bubbles.
You also need patience when folding meringue into your melted chocolate to avoid risking all the air bubbles you created. If you fold too aggressively, you'll deflate them.
Mixing too aggressively could also result in zebra stripes of egg white throughout the mousse. It's imperative to keep patient if you want a fluffy finished product.