A head of romaine lettuce, a fresh, green, raw leaf vegetable isolated on a white background. A food that may be grown in an organic garden and that may be part of a vegetarian diet. It is a typical salad ingredient.
For Quicker Salad Prep, Take Your Anger Out On Your Lettuce
By Kelly Douglas
Thanks to a viral 2020 TikTok video, you can stop pulling your lettuce apart piece by piece and start smashing it against the countertop for a quicker outcome.
The video’s creator, registered dietitian @nutritionbabe, explains that the pieces of lettuce break apart from the heart but otherwise remain intact, essentially "cutting" them.
The TikTok video's lettuce-smashing hack works most effectively on romaine, since applying force with a quick smash on a countertop is enough to loosen its leaves from the heart.
Unlike other lettuce varieties that are more tightly bunched together, romaine lettuce has long leaves that hang off of the head, making them exceptionally easy to break.
Most other lettuces will need to be separated by hand, however. The big exception is iceberg, whose heart you can pull out after banging the head of lettuce against a table.