A closeup of roasted mushrooms.
For Perfectly Roasted Mushrooms Don't Forget This Simple Tip
By S. Ferrari
Roasting mushrooms is a fairly straightforward culinary undertaking, but there is a simple tip that will make a major difference to your process and finished product.
Draining off the liquid that results from your mushrooms as they roast ensures a well-caramelized dish with a concentrated umami oomph that you won't forget.
When water seeps out of the mushrooms while they cook, it means they are getting delicious, but it can prevent them from caramelizing and may result in a soggy dish.
However, if you remove them from your sheet pan from the oven, gently drain the mushrooms by hand, and return them to the heat, you can accelerate the caramelizing process.
The beauty of this step is that not only will you have more concentrated mushroom goodness in the actual vegetable, but you also wind up with a byproduct that's full of flavor
You can also save your mushroom juice as a vegan-friendly ingredient to use as broth or cooking liquid for stews, soups, and seasoning.