Hand holding a bowl of mashed potatoes
For Perfect Mashed Potatoes, Get Yourself An Old School Tamis
By Cristine Struble
Use a tamis, a fine metal strainer, for smooth, velvety mashed potatoes. Traditional methods like mashing or using a hand beater leave inconsistencies in texture, unlike a tamis.
It may require more time and effort, but the superior final product makes it a preferred choice for mashed potato enthusiasts aiming for perfection.
Tamis creates smooth, creamy mashed potatoes reminiscent of those served by renowned chefs like Thomas Keller and Joel Robuchon.
The tamis allows for more control and precision, and its flat fine mesh ensures a lump-free consistency, elevating the dish to resemble a French pomme puree.
While using a tamis is a multi-step process, it is helpful as the final step for smooth mashed potatoes since it’ll break up any lumpy parts.