man holding sourdough loaf
For Perfect Homemade Sourdough, Consider Using 2 Scales
By Molly Wilson
If you're trying to get your sourdough just right, it might be time to invest in two different kitchen scales. A digital scale precisely weighs ingredients in one-gram increments.
A scale is perfect for larger quantities of ingredients like flour, but many elements require small quantities. Regular scales may be inaccurate for such low weights.
Your second scale should be one designed for minuscule measurements, like those accurate in 0.01g increments, to produce the perfect ingredient ratios in your dough.
Baking involves formulas and chemical reactions to make the recipes behave correctly. Precision is key to producing the proper texture and quality of your final sourdough.
Measuring cups may not be accurate, and there's a lot of human error involved. You can end up packing them too tightly with flour or filling them too loosely with a spoon.
Weighing ingredients on a scale removes these variables. The number of grams the recipe calls for will always be that number — you won't have to rely on your eyes or a guess.