Frieds eggs in cast iron skillet on a cutting board on gray background
For Eggs Bursting With Flavor, Fry Them In Pickle Juice
By Madalyn Mackarey
It may sound unusual in theory, but leftover pickle juice can bring a tangy punch of acidity to a savory fried egg, turning it into an unexpectedly delicious meal.
If you're afraid of a powerful pickle brine overwhelming your fried eggs, wait until the eggs are nearly fully cooked, then add in a bit of the pickle brine.
The vinegar-based brine will hit the hot pan and evaporate, and your eggs will finish cooking with infused crispy edges of flavor.
You can even experiment with different pickle varieties: Add a little spice kick from a hot pickle brine or sweetness from bread and butter pickles.
The amount of juice you'll want to add will also vary depending on which type of pickle brine you use. Regardless of what you choose, you will not regret the results.