Closeup of a bowl of chicken noodle soup.
Flavor-Packed Chicken Soup Is Just An Effortless Shortcut Away
By Michael Serrur
Making homemade chicken soup from whole, raw chicken can require time, effort, and patience, but you can simplify the process using rotisserie chicken.
You can quickly strip the meat from the rest of the carcass and use both the meat and the bones to bring maximum poultry flavor to your finished soup.
The carcass can be thrown together with other vegetables and aromatics to make a quick homemade chicken stock that can be the base of your chicken soup or frozen for later use.
Removing the meat from the bones also helps you avoid overcooking the chicken, which can quickly become stringy and tough if added too early.
Whether simply dusted with salt and pepper or sprinkled with garlic and herbs, the meat from a rotisserie chicken is moist and juicy, adding more depth of flavor to your soup.
You can up the decadence of your rotisserie chicken even further by cooking it in a pan with some butter before adding it.