Closeup of cinnamon rolls in a basket.
Enjoy Amazing Cinnamon Rolls With One Canned Ingredient Hack
By S. Ferrari
It's hard to imagine improving a classic, gooey cinnamon roll, but believe it or not, a can of pie filling will elevate a cinnamon roll to another level of deliciousness.
This premade ingredient is packed with flavor, pre-sweetened, and sometimes even spiked with spices. It will take your rolls to the next level without a slew of extra ingredients.
Apple and pumpkin pie fillings are already commonly associated with cinnamon, but this is a fun way to experiment with other flavors that pair well with that profile.
However, the taste and consistency can vary between brands and variants. If it's too sugary, a splash of vinegar or citrus juice can bring an acidic balance.
If your filling is too thick, a little water or cream can help dilute it and make it more spreadable. A touch of flour or starch can create more body if it's too thin.
You can apply this hack by rolling the pie filling into the dough so it's swirled throughout, or separate the fruit from the sauce and coat your dough with the juice.